Dawlance Introduces the World’s Largest Direct Cool Refrigerator – Double French Door (DFD)

By Asmat ·  Tuesday, April 16, 2013 1 Comments

Karachi – 16th April, 2013: Dawlance, the no. 1 home appliances brand in Pakistan today launched the world’s largest Direct Cool refrigerator, Double French Door. Dawlance is well known for providing reliable home appliance solutions to its consumers and the new Direct Cool Refrigerator range i.e. Double French Door (DFD) & Top Mount (TM) is a new addition to the family. Adding to its stylish exterior, this range is equipped with durable stainless steel interior, pillar-less design that can even store extra large items and H-Zone technology to keep food fresher for longer.



Speaking at the launch, Mr. Hasan Jameel, head of sales, Dawlance said, “The new Dawlance DFD is in a class of its own and by introducing this WORLD’s LARGEST DC RANGE; The Company is contributing its bit in making PAKISTAN PROUD. Dawlance always aspires to fulfill the need of the consumers and the inspiration behind the world’s largest Direct Cool Refrigerator was to fulfill the need for bigger and better refrigeration. Each and every feature of this range has been specially designed in line with our consumer preferences and the modern technology therefore the patents for innovative features like easy door technology, exclusive designs and H-Zone technology have been applied”

Talking about the latest innovation from Dawlance, Mr. Noman Rashid, AVP – Engineering said, “The stainless steel interior and sturdy glass shelves offer a strong structure and ensures durability of the product. The breakthrough feature of easy door is another outstanding innovation that not only provides convenience but also helps in cooling retention. The Spill Proof glass shelves prohibit any liquid dripping and can hold up to 100 KG weight. Its Deodorizer feature maintains aroma inside the refrigerator by filtering the air inside and neutralizing any unpleasant smell. The fan is another well designed aspect of the product that ensures faster and balanced circulation of cold air to guarantee steady temperature in all refrigerator compartments.”

In Pakistan, Dawlance has always made its mark by offering state-of-the-art home appliance solutions that adapt to consumers’ ever changing needs and lifestyles. Their achievement of inventing the world’s largest Direct Cool Refrigerator – DFD is undoubtedly an extraordinary success.


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